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Soaper Hero!


Everyone who works at Soap gets to choose their very own personalised, fully customised, Superhero pseudonym.

As soon as you start, you choose your character, it gets illustrated and you get your own Soaperhero business card complete with special powers! You'll also be invited to meetings in the Hall of Justice.

Check out the past and present Soaperheroes.


Friday BBQ

Every Friday at lunchtime we convene on our big deck for traditional australian cuisine. Cooked by our own BBQ chef Heather. We have every worthy condiment known to man so join us for the original sausage fest with a splash of salad. Vegetarians are also welcome to apply. We have three currently.

Check out some previous BBQ's on our BBQ Blog


Soaper Hero!

You'll be joining a team of highly talented people. Everyone on the team is multi-skilled and great at what they do. We all share a passion for online and encourage the sharing of knowledge. While we always assign a lead team to work on each project, our open space nurtures an open dialogue between the whole crew and our projects are a truly collaborative effort.


industry leaders

Our crew are regularly invited to speak at conferences, get featured in design annuals and judge awards around the world.

While we don't have an "agency blog", we do publish our own industry views and reviews through a variety of specialized blogs like our Weekly 5, Bannerblog and Sleevage. And Facebook



We have worked hard over the last 11 years to attract the type of clients that we not only want to work with, but who appreciate and understand online.

We also work on a number of passion projects with a variety of smaller clients.



We specialize in doing great work, not one type of work. We work with our clients on a variety of projects. Online Games, HTML5 games, iPhone, RIA's, Online Media, Social Media, Blogs and Corporate Rebrands are just some of what we do. If you only like doing one thing then please don't apply.

Check out our Soapbox for a full project archive or view our showreels.



It's hard to blow our own trumpet without sounding like wankers but we've won quite a few awards for our work. This is a combination of having great clients, great briefs and a great team to produce it.


To quote the Steel Workers in that Simpson's episode. "We work hard and we play hard." We have an annual Soap Bootcamp where the team is taken away for a weekend of fun, we celebrated our 5th birthday with some Lawn Bowls, a bit of Karting and our Xmas Parties are always fun. We also try and fit in the occasional friday drinks if we're not too full from the BBQ's. We even entered a team into Red Bull Flugtag and came 15th!

If you are interested in a more indepth look at our culture just view this talk we gave in 2009 at AGideas.

Check out our Flickr account for more festivities.


Paid learning

We believe you never stop learning that's why we encourage and pay for the team to attend the local & international festivals (Most recently GDC San Fran, E3, AGideas). We also encourage and fund personal learning courses for other related interests such as photography, film and music.



Our office is conveniently located in Ultimo, Australia. Just 5 min from the Sydney city centre and right next to Broadway Shopping centre. You can park near the office or use the parking in the building. First in best dressed though.

Our office is decked out (literally we have a deck which is great for lunch or just to take a personal call) as well as all the boys toys we love Ping Pong boardroom table, Foozball table, Xbox 360, PS3 and Foxtel IQ.

Check out a feature on our Office here. Or view on Google Maps.

We also have an LA office that allows to work in the USA office and enjoy a holiday. Check some of the antics on Flickr.


Agency of the Year

We said 10 reasons but after winning the Adnews Employer of the Year Award (Digital Agency) and then Digital Agency of the Year (3 times in a row) we thought that's a good enough reason to crank it up to 11!


Interested? Apply through Resumator

  • World's Biggest PAC-MAN

  • Cornetto Enigma

  • 5 Gum: 5X

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