Client: ING Direct

Project: Spend Your Life____

The Challenge: ING DIRECT customers rarely engage with the bank and they interact purely for transactional purposes. We were briefed to change their behaviour and attract new customers, by bringing to life the bank's emotive positioning ‘Spend your life well’.

The Solution: There are lots of things Australians would love to spend their lives do-ing. We created an interactive experience so they could make a 'Spend Your Life List' to remind them. For every word they entered, visitors were rewarded with a ticklish animation and a chance to win $50k to realise their list. 

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How it worked: We took the ING DIRECT brand line and replaced the last word with an open form field and a giant flashing cursor beckoning users to tell us how they want to spend their life.


When a word was typed in, the full stop at the end of the line came to life! The little character responded with a whimsical animation tailored to each word.


We developed a clever thesaurus engine to cross reference words and deliver synonyms. So almost every conceivable word you could type in was covered – even the naughty ones!


Social: On the ING DIRECT Facebook page we crowd sourced suggestions for new animations. We also showcased the most popular and celebrated the winners.

As the campaign started to produce earned media we responded with custom illustrations and animations to say thanks!


Tailored eDMs: Tailored targeted edms were sent out to customers.

We also created Facebook Custom Audiences (matching our customer database to Facebook's for targeted ads), as many of our older customers were uncontactable due to changes of email address over the years.


Tailored user journey: We captured everyone's contact details so we could match to our database and send existing ING DIRECT customers and potential new customers on the appropriate user journey from there.

This matching process was a huge behind the scenes collaboration between Soap and ING DIRECT Business Intelligence, IT, Social, Marketing, Call Centre, Customer and Product Departments. It meant we could offer the right customers the right kind of follow up product messages based on their status with the bank.


Continuing the story: The campaign didn't stop at the promo. We stored information about what verbs everyone entered and used it to follow up with targeted cross-sell communications. For example we sent everyone who entered 'travelling' a Flight Centre voucher as a reward for taking up an Orange Everyday Visa Debit Card.



ING Direct customers engaged with the bank like never before:

  • 122,000 unique visitors

  • 344,726 entries

  • 5:55 min per visit

  • 23% of visitors returned for more fun