Client: Cancer Institute NSW

Project: Pretty Shady

The Challenge: Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. It’s also the most common cancer affecting young Australians, but even though they are aware of the danger, their behaviour in the sun remains unsafe.

The Solution: To change young Australians’ behaviour we created Pretty Shady: a lifestyle brand that, each summer, makes good-looking products to protect you from the sun: shade, clothing, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. These products were designed with five positive influential collaborators - and were given away free at

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We are pretty shady: The label was fronted by a team of inspirational tastemakers who are leaders in their fields. Skateborder Corbin Harris, fashion blogger Nicole Warne, artist Anthony Lister, surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey, and singer/songwriter Gossling were Pretty Shady. Gossling wrote and sang the track 'Harvest of Gold' used in the Pretty Shady manifesto film.


Teaser phase: In the lead up to summer, there were strategically placed street posters everywhere. The posters had a massive Pretty Shady logo covering the faces of the yet to be annouced collaborators, to get people talking. The URL on the posters pointed to a teaser site with a countdown to summer. 


There were also mobile billboards, guerilla street stencils, projections and sticker bombs to help plant the seed.


The movement: Young people love free stuff so we gave away Pretty Shady T-Shirts, Umbrellas, Sunglasses, Hats and Suncream for them to take out in the sun and show their support. All they had to do was register at to win some kit.


For those who bagged free stuff, we included personalised stickers with their swag so they could plaster their support everywhere.


We also gave supporters social tools like profile and cover images so they could spread the message.


Pretty Shady became part of the 2013 Summer zeitgeist showing up all over Instagram, at music events, skate competitions and of course, the beach, where our message was so important.



  1. Pretty Shady created viral reach through social media: it reached 8 million Australians (34% of the population). The combined footprint of our influencers’ social channels was 1.4 million people; on Instagram alone, their posts generated 100,000+ likes.

  2. Pretty Shady changed behaviour: amongst those who experienced the campaign, 47% said they would increase their level of sun protection.

  3. Pretty Shady was particularly effective at engaging those with ‘pro-tanning’ attitudes: amongst those who experienced the campaign and who thought tans were fashionable, 80% said they would use Pretty Shady products.