Client: Unilever - Lynx

Project: Lynx Apollo

The Challenge: To launch Lynx Apollo, the brand created the ultimate ‘Win a trip to space’ promotion. Our task was to expand the global TVC and POS assets into an integrated 360 campaign that would engage guys across multiple channels.

The Solution: To survive in space you need to train like an astronaut, so we created Lynx Lunar Racer - a digital game playable on desktop, iOS and Android - that challenged guys to race a space buggy.

The game, plus a real-world Lunar Racer we built, delivered video, social, PR and mobile content that ensured Lynx’s biggest ever activation was impossible to miss.

A game about a space buggy: The target demo are big fans of gaming and have high smartphone penetration, so we created LYNX Lunar Racer – a casual and addictive mobile game built in Unity for Desktop, iOS and Android.


A real life space buggy: Guys dig space... and guys dig cars. So we designed a custom road-worthy space car based on the LYNX Lunar Racer from the game.

Built from the ground up by Evolution Motorsports, the buggy was used across sampling, events, video content and social.

The buggy also created PR opportunities and was featured on Ten Network and various motoring magazines.

Onboard WIFI and iPADs allowed guys to play the game wherever the buggy went.


Films: The real life space buggy became the star of two films we produced about ‘a day in the life of an Astronaut’ and ‘the LSA secret test facility’.

Sampling: The presence of the real world space buggy, the astronaut and LSA ladies commanded the attention of passersby helping to drive interest in the product and competition.

We also took the LSA entourage to major events such as Free Comic Book Day and the State of Origin.


Event: LYNX hosted an IGN Black Beta event where 500 gamers got early access to a new release console game. They also got to play LYNX Lunar Racer for the first time and jump in the buggy for photos.


Social: A mix of custom and sourced images were rolled out across the brand's Facebook page to create conversation and drive competition entries.


The Site: The LYNX Apollo site housed all the information about the campaign and was optimised to work on all screens.


Display Media: An extensive direct response digital campaign was created to drive traffic to the site and various content pieces.

A branded XBOX Live Dashboard allowed gamers to get custom avatar items and watch all the content from the campaign.


Unilever HQ: Live video feed from Unilever's HQ



  • 130k+ mobile game downloads (IOS & Android)
  • Reached #2 in Racing and #8 Games in the Australian App Store
  • Average game session time of 23+ minutes
  • Over 1 million games played in the first month
  • 200k+ video content views
  • 238k visits to the LYNX Apollo site
  • 3 million people reached with Apollo social content
  • 22,000 entries into the promotion
  • And most importantly: sales of LYNX Apollo reached 10 week target in first 3 weeks