Project: Superannuatiummm

The Challenge: ING DIRECT had quietly launched a superannuation fund - Living Super - and were investing campaign money towards it for the first time, to grow its total funds under management (FUM).

Superannuation (or super) is your retirement savings. It’s compulsory in Australia and automatically taken out of your salary. As a result, most Australians are so disengaged and confused by it that they simply ignore it. This is a big problem when you are trying to get people to proactively switch to a new super fund.

The solution:  We leveraged the insight that although super is ignored, it’s still something people know they should sort out.But they’re left ummming about what to know and what to do.

We created a name for this cultural problem: ‘superanuatiummm’. Then sought to put an end to it via an educational campaign.

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How it worked: We introduced the concept of ‘Put an end to Superannuatiummm’ with 15 and 30 second pre-roll films.

Each ad touch on a key theme of super that people ummm about, then delivered a USP about Living Super as a solution.

These pre-rolls we so effective the client is now planning to run these on TV.

Intuitive website: All ads drove users to the Superannuatiummm site.


Users could type in any ummm they had and be served all related written and video content.

This campaign site was purposefully built so it could be folded into ING DIRECT main site content post-campaign.


Live action video responses: This campaign allowed us to leverage former content Soap had created for Living Super, like this Talking Super content series.

View all the videos here.

Animated videos: We were also able to leverage this Super Explained animated series, which demystified the some of the more complex aspects of super.

See all the animations here.

Customer communications: We sent email to ING DIRECT's existing base of banking customers, encouraging them to think about their super and switch.

We tested and optimised the best converting imagery and video content, and customised the provaction in the copy to suit different customer segment's life stages.


Supporting media: We surrounded the campaign with display ads, retargeting bannes, search advertising and social content.

This drove more users to the site and kept more engaged users in the conversion funnel.



  • 148% of client’s FUM (funds under management) target achieved
  • ROI of 1:115 (earnt $115 in FUM for every $1 spent)
  • Propelled Living Super to $1B in funds in less than 2 years


Awareness & consideration: Despite being a new fund with no performance history, post-campaign Living Super had achieved:

  • highest recall of any brand in the super category
  • highest consideration of any brand in the super category
  • x2 stronger consideration to switch than established category leaders BT Super and Industry Super
  • 52% improvement in brand awareness amongst 25-34 year olds and 44% amongst 35-44 year olds



  • +5 min 14 sec average time spent on website
  • 1.7M YouTube views of campaign videos
  • 90% completion rate on videos
  • 97.6% of 25-34 year olds surveyed on YouTube recalled seeing the videos
  • The online Superannuatiummm videos had higher prompted and unprompted recall than ING DIRECT’s main brand TVC


Media Efficiencies:

  • Paid search overachieved, delivering 125% of its acquisition target at 49% less than its target CPA
  • Affiliate media overachieved, delivering 173% of its acquisition target at 48% less than it’s target CPA
  • Retargeting display overachieved, delivering 200% of its acquisition target
  • Performance media overachieved, delivering 122% of its acquisition target
  • The sign-up funnel improved, converting 29% more than prior to campaign
  • Cost per view (CPV) and click through rates (CTR) of online videos smashed financial services category benchmarks, sitting on par with the engagement levels of beverage brands
  • Interesting fact: x8 higher conversion on mobile videos vs desktop videos