Project: Every little bit counts

Challenge: ING DIRECT give back to their customers in a lot of unique little ways. They wanted to let Australians know this at the start of the new year - when engagement with finances is highest because people are setting goals.

Solution: We commissioned qualitative research about goals and discovered the notion of "every little bit counts towards achieving goals" is a universal truth people believe banks should help with.

We built an integrated campaign around this idea by heroing the range of everyday benefits people could get with ING DIRECT - which add up to them getting to their goals sooner. Complete with their very own Goal Getter.

TV: Leading the campaign was a 30 second spot which used a 'day in the life of a customer' narrative to demonstrate the various benefits of banking with ING DIRECT in everyday situations.

This educted Australians on the wide range of 'little things' ING DIRECT had to offer.

We worked with XYZ Studios on the animation.


Outdoor: We took advantage of OOH by linking a specific contextual benefit of banking with ING DIRECT to the environment the audience was in.


Online: In digital we wanted to get more personal and really understand people's goals.

So we devised "The Goal Getter", a fun way to capture details about people's goals - then we demonstrated all the little ways ING DIRECT could help get to those goals sooner.

Submit your own goal at Goal Getter


The site utilised 'Lou' - the famous gender-neutral anthropomorphic dot - to create real-time reactions to the data customers entered.

After first appearing in a previous campaign by Soap, Lou had grown to become the 'face' of ING DIRECT in digital and social channel.

We captured hugely valuable customers insights, data that enables ING DIRECT to be more tailored in future communications.


Email: Existing ING DIRECT customers were invited to participate in the campaign via tailored edms. Where possible data around their savings goals was leveraged and reflected in the Lou character.

The data we captured about individual's goals was then used in personalised follow-up comms that featured relevant incentives and tailored instructions on what customer's needed to do with their ING DIRECT products to get the most value from the bank. 



Goal Getter Results

We smashed our business and engagement targets and the campaign is still running!

  • Crucial business metric of transaction account cross sell & securing primary banking relationship exceeded 165%!

  • Within 3 days the amount of entries was 232% of the target goal number.

  • 50%+ of all visitors submitting a personal goal!

  • All goal data has been categorised and stored for personalising future customer campaigns. Significantly increasing ability to tailor and personalise communications and reducing waste.

  • Average time on the site is over 4 minutes, well above finance industry average.

  • We attracted attention and praise from global ING HQ & Discussions in place on rolling this campaign out across other ING DIRECT regions.


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