Client: Toyota

Project: Cars That Feel

The Challenge: We needed to increase perception of the Toyota Prius brand as ‘innovative’. But when every car maker talks about innovation – almost every car on the market now is positioned as being safer, smarter and greener - how do you truly stand out and get noticed?

The Solution: We created ‘Cars That Feel’ - an innovative light and sound installation using Prius vehicles, which appeared to emotionally engage with people who interacted with the cars. Our playful installation, exclusively presented at the Sydney VIVID Festival of music, ideas and light, transformed three Toyota Prius models into sentient beings with their own unique personalities.

View full technical breakdown here.

Emotion Matrix: The emotions were mapped across a matrix of positive and negative emotions. Using colour, sound, visuals and motion were were able to make the cars emote.


Musical Set Piece: Noise International created a custom song that allowed each of the cars to play their part. The result was a musical "set piece" which was triggered at certain times that made the cars feel "connected".

Social Activation: One Green Bean created social accounts for each car and interacted with festival attendees and those tweeting/Instagramming about the cars.



Cars That Feel was one of the most talked-about installations at VIVID Sydney. Toyota were so impressed, they asked us to recreate the experience at the MCG and Adelaide Oval; plus the concept will be rolled out in further territories around the globe.

The results below are conservative estimates based on the 1.43M people who visited VIVID in 2014 and the 425,000 who were counted in the Walsh Bay area.

  • 1.8M Prius interactions were triggered over the 18 days
  • Estimated 50,000+ people directly interacted with cars
  • Estimated 200K people viewed the cars at the event