Client: Wrigley's

Project: 5 Adamantium

The Challenge: Wrigley’s 5 Gum ‘Stimulates Your Senses’ via dynamic flavours like 5 Cobalt and 5 Electro, but the brand had only brought this proposition to life in futuristic TVCs.

The Solution: To enable 5 Gum to play in the digital world, we created a new flavour for Wrigley: 5 Adamantium. Adamantium is the mysterious substance which gives Wolverine his extraordinary strength.

This idea enabled us to collide the dark imaginary worlds of 5 Gum and the X-Men: by purchasing 5 Adamantium, teenagers could play an immersive digital game, where the on-pack codes gave them greater strength and sensory powers.

Online: At the centre of the world we built an expansive hybrid flash/HTML 3D map of Tokyo. Players could create their own avatar, explore Tokyo, claim territory, challenge other players and test their abilities across a range of interactive games in a race to find Mariko, the granddaughter of a mysterious figure from Wolverine’s past.


Gaming: We built seven mini-games for the site that function as tasks for Wolverine to complete in order to successfully search Tokyo.

Some games were released as externally playable and were accessible without logging into the site allowing players to get a taste of the experience without the barrier of registration.

Play: Tokyo Infiltration | Tokyo Rail Rush

The games were picked up on thousands of "free game" sites giving the campaign huge additional reach at no extra cost.

Look: Infiltration | Rail Rush


Rich Media: A rich media campaign was produced for both building awareness of the product and driving traffic to engage with the campaign.

Media strategy and placements by Starcom.


Social: We created clues and secret codes for Facebook and Twitter allowing players to solve them to get the upper hand through additional moves and XP.

The custom code system also allowed Wrigley to engage with partners to offer "special codes" they could use in their own channels. These codes were used by suppliers on their email databases and Facebook pages.


Social Outreach: By partnering with such a well-loved franchise and creating an engaging online destination, we were able to easily partner with online communities and have them promote the experience on their channels. It's much easier to ask people to mention something cool vs an ad.

We had Australia's #1 video game blogger Champ Chong do a special give away (resulting in one of our best days for registrations) in addition to King's Comic's video show and other game vloggers.

We also created custom ninja avatars for comic book store owners, bloggers and other social influencers for them to get excited about the campaign.

The campaign was mentioned on major pop culture and comic blogs around the world and our social outreach generated almost 500,000 additional impressions for the campaign.


Mobile: The site was mobile ready, gracefully degrading across devices allowing players to register, enter codes and check their progress.


TV: The partnership allowed 5 Gum to create a TV commercial using exclusive film footage and access to the sets from the film before release.

TV campaign by Clemenger BBDO.


  • 144,000 unique visitors
  • Average site visit time 6:15 sec
  • 2.29M page views
  • 177,000 PvP battles
  • 191,000 rooms explored
  • 165,000 games played
  • 13% of visitors have spent more than 10 minutes on the site
  • 5% have spent more than 30 minutes!